Since 2004, we have been searching for the solution to hockey's biggest problem; how to effectively air-out equipment to eliminate bacteria and it's accompanying unbearable stench.  In 2022, we are finally ready and proud to introduce the Inferno Bags: Heated Hockey Bag.

         Invented and created by father and son team, Charlie and Daniel Webb, the Heated Hockey Bag has evolved from countless failed attempts and tests to create a system to efficiently and effectively dry and clean hockey equipment.  What was first designed as a large, and noisy, heated sports locker, in 2005, has progessed into a silent, effective, and efficient device today allowing athletes to enjoy the bag's benfits without having to stray from the equipment that they have grown accustom and comforatble with. 

         The Heated Hockey Bag is the standard hockey bag size and will make a seemless transition into your locker room, and will immediately become one of your favorite peices of equipment, especially for friends and family who have to smell your stinky equipment at the rink, in the car, and in the garage.  This bag will transform your hockey experience, saving your time, keeping your equipment clean and dry, and offering a small token of appreciation to those dearest to you that no longer want to have to smell your disguisting gloves ever again.

         Join us, as we aim to change to hockey world, one smelly bag at a time!