Saturday, July 6, 2019

Inferno Bags are Available Now!

How to have Dry and Stink-Free shoes?? The Heat DRIES the shoes and KILLS the bacteria which causes the smell! 

The Inferno Heated Shoe Bag:

  1. Dry and Stink-Free Shoes!
  2. Even Shoes Worn in Water will Dry Overnight! 
  3. For Soccer, Golf, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hiking, Baseball, Tennis, Dance, Track, or Hunting
  4. For all Humans Whose Feet Sweat A LOT and Whose Shoes Stink!
  5. Three Heat Settings
  6. Shoulder Strap
  7. Holds Two Pairs
  8. Light and Portable
  9. ETL Certified                  
Who Needs an Inferno Bag??  Every Athlete or Outdoors man who Plays in wet conditions, and that's all of us!! 

(U.S. Shipping is $20 per bag;
Two or more bags, shipping is $15 per bag.
International Shipping on Request.)
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